Amazing grow taller system. The most complete, comprehensive, and effective program ever available for increasing height, growing taller, and maximizing growth at any age.


How to grow taller. Discover the most complete, comprehensive, and effective program for growing taller, increasing height, stimulating growth, and maximizing height gain regardless of age.


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Question:  Why is your How To Grow Taller Program better than other height increasing programs or systems?
Answer:  We have bought and reviewed every other major program or system on the market which promises to increase height or help you grow taller.  Virtually every one includes useless, ineffective, and irrelevant "filler" information.  In other words, they offer information not directly related to height increase and recommend activities or techniques that are potentially harmful.  Other information is just blatantly incorrect.  Moreover, a lot of them just fill the pages with large font (printing) and spaces to compensate for the lack of real information.  The bottom line is that none of them are as effective, complete, or comprehensive as ours.  WE GUARANTEE THIS STATEMENT!  That means that if anyone can show us another program or system that is more effective, professional, or comprehensive than ours, return our How To Grow Taller Program for a full refund.   

Question:  Is The How To Grow Taller Program offered and distributed by a legitimate company?
Answer:  YES!  Our company, KSK Enterprises Ltd., is a fully genuine and registered company that has an unblemished reputation, has been in business for over 15 years, and has serviced thousands of individuals worldwide.  Our address and phone number are clearly provided on our website unlike other scrupulous "companies".  Our address is:  KSK Enterprises Ltd., PMB 988, 1685 H. Street, Blaine WA  98230  Tel/Fax: 604.572.0355  

Question:  Do grow taller lotions, pills, or supplements work?  
Answer:  No. First of all, there is NO WAY that ANY lotion or spray can be absorbed through the skin all the way to the bone and help increase its length.  If anyone claims that it can or does, it is TOTAL NONSENSE.  It is just scientifically impossible.

As far as height increase pills, drugs, or supplements, they usually claim to be Growth hormone "releasers" or "stimulators".  However, NO "releasers" or "stimulators" have been shown to be more effective than the natural and safe ways to increase growth hormone secretion.  Our program will give you the recommendations, techniques and exercises to naturally stimulate your growth hormone secretion.

In general, the growth hormone along with the other hormones excreted naturally by the body will aid in helping you grow.  Growth hormone pills or supplements do not have the same effect as that produced naturally by the body and may offset the delicate balance of the body's proper hormone regulation.  In this respect, taking any sort of growth hormone pills or supplements would not be effective and may result in potentially dangerous and negative side effects.

Question: What differentiates this program from other height increasing products or programs?
Answer: We are not someone selling you a flimsy photocopied booklet out of their apartment. We are also not somebody who has acquired the rights to market and sell some product with no personal knowledge or experience on the topic of height increase. Instead, we are the sole owners, developers, and originators of The Grow Taller System and we have acquired a vast knowledge on the subject of height increase after years of study and experience. Our material and products are all original, registered, and copyrighted.  Moreover, we continue to learn and research any legitimate ways to increase stature.

In addition, we also provide you with our Iron-Clad NO RISK 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and give you our address, phone number and email so that if anyone has any questions or concerns on any topic they can feel free to contact us. Does anyone else do that? Quite simply, The Grow Taller System is without a doubt the most complete, comprehensive, and effective height increasing program available…period!

Question: What do I receive when I order The How To Grow Taller System?
Answer: You receive the manual How To Grow Taller: A Comprehensive Guide and Revolutionary Exercise Program to Make You Grow, the log book: A Complete Exercise Journal To Accompany How To Grow Taller, and Kalsi's Secret Growth Enhancing Formula.

Question: Does this program require me to buy or obtain any special equipment or apparatus to help me perform the exercises and increase my height? 
Answer: No. The program requires no special equipment or apparatus and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Question: Do I need to buy anything else from you?
No. The program arrives to you complete and you do not need to purchase anything else. This is not a "hook" for another expensive product (an unfortunate practice these days).

Question: How soon is my order shipped?
Answer: Each order is shipped within 24 hours by 1st class mail. Overseas orders are shipped via 1st class air mail.

Question: Do you ship orders overseas?
Answer: Yes. We happily ship orders worldwide and will even ship express or registered delivery upon request (additional charges may apply).

Question: Is there any way for me to inquire about the status of my order?
Answer: Yes. All orders receive an email or phone confirmation within 24 hours.

Question: How many chapters and pages are in the grow taller manual?
Answer: How To Grow Taller: A Comprehensive Guide and Revolutionary Exercise Program to Make You Grow contains 12 chapters and has 232 pages. This book contains chapters on up-to-date information and recommendations for maximizing your height gain and a revolutionary and specifically designed exercise program that provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will stimulate growth and make you grow. It also contains clear and concise charts, tables, and beautiful illustrations.

Question: Can you tell me something about the free Exercise Journal?
Answer: A Complete Exercise Journal To Accompany How To Grow Taller contains 20 pages for you to record your progress and results. This journal includes 7 growth charts and is an ideal self-management and motivational tool that enables you to record your progress and results in a simple, easy, and time saving way.

Question: Can you tell me something about Kalsi's Secret Growth Enhancing Formula FREE bonus?
Answer: This reveals the special ingredients and recipe for a delicious drink that significantly increases and speeds up the recuperation and growth process, and raises energy levels. All the ingredients for this formula can be found in a local supermarket and it would cost you only pennies a glass.

Question: Does this program come with a guarantee?
Answer: Yes, if The Grow Taller System isn't the most practical, useful, detailed, effective and helpful program of its kind, or you are not 100 % satisfied, return it for a full and immediate refund (less s&h), no questions asked. Click here to read the guarantee

Question: I am a 17 year old boy and I am currently 5' 6". I come from a short family (my dad is 5' 6" and my mom is 5' 3") and I'm afraid that I'm done growing. Is there any way I can change this and grow a few more inches by following your program?
Answer: Although the height of your parents and the growth potential that you have inherited from them is important, the height and growth you ultimately achieve is actually the result of the interaction of heredity and environment. By learning about the specific environmental factors that influence growth and effect your height, you can use them to your advantage. The importance of environmental factors should not be ignored, they are just as important, if not more, than heredity in determining growth and height. Although you don't have much control or influence over your heredity, you do have substantial control and influence over your environmental factors. By following the recommendations and exercises in our program, you can definitely stimulate your body to grow and gain inches in height.

Question: I am 21 years old and have not grown in 3 years or so. I am skeptical as to whether it is possible for me to grow at this age and whether your program really works. What do you have to say about this?
Answer: If you begin our course without much faith and commitment, you will most likely follow it in a halfhearted way and achieve only substandard results.. Our opinion is that if you undertake anything with a skeptical attitude, you will end up in despair. Our Grow Taller System is not a magic wand. We have not exaggerated the results nor made any false promises. If you faithfully and persistently follow the recommendations and exercises in our program, you really can significantly increase your height.

Question: By how much can you grow by following this program. I understand that it varies with each individual, but can you give me a rough estimation of how much taller I might be able to grow by following your program? By the way, I'm 16 years old and 5' 8"
Answer: The amount of height an individual can grow by following The Grow Taller System varies. There is no possible way for anybody to determine exactly how much you will grow. It all depends on a number of factors. However, by following the recommendations and exercises in the program it is not unreasonable for you to easily reach 6' 0". Again, you can also grow to be taller than this depending on your commitment to the program and your individual growth potential.

Question: How long does it take before I start seeing some results?
Answer: There are some factors that may show an increase almost immediately. Initial results, on average, are usually seen within 40 - 60 days. However, it may vary for each individual. The further you progress with the program, the more height gain you will continue to experience. 

Question: I am already 35 years old. Can I also follow The Grow Taller System?
By following our program, it is possible for anyone to increase their height regardless of age. Although it is true that those individuals under the age of 30 will experience more of a height gain than those older than 30, nobody should consider themselves too old to undertake the program. Anyone who faithfully and persistently follows the program can see magical results.

Something not answered or clear? Call or email us and we'll include it here for the benefit of everyone.

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